Max Detox
Max Detox Max Detox Max Detox

Max Detox

  • Max Detox contains a complex blend of antioxidants that will help keep your body cleansed and operating at maximum efficiency. When your body is able to properly utilize the nutrients that you consume you will burn more fat and build more muscle at a much faster rate. Max Detox contains acai berry, ginger root, and papaya. Acai berries have long been acknowledged as a healing, energy boosting, and immune-stimulating fruit. Research has shown that antioxidant-rich acai berries provide many other health benefits when taken internally.
    • Cleanses the body of toxins
    • Aids in weight loss as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight
    • Helps the body operate at maximum efficiency
    • Helps the body to absorb nutrients properly
    • Promotes skin health
    • Anti-aging properties
    • Increases energy
    • Increases mental function
    • Lowers cholesterol levels due to high content of anthocyanins in acai berries
    • Improving immune response to harmful organisms
  • Proprietary blend: 1532 mg 
    Psyllium Powder, Acai Berry Fruit Extract, Inulin, Slippery Elm
    Bark, Aloe Ferox Powder, Chlorella, Black Walnut Hulls
    Powder, Ginger Root, Hyssop Leaf, Papaya Fruit Powder,
    and Lycopene